1- How much will you donate to the Red Cross? (updated)
For every map you buy, we will donate all the proceeds (around twenty US dollars) to the American Red Cross - Lebanon Relief fund.

2- What difference will my donation make?
The funds donated for each map you buy can feed FOUR children for up to FOUR weeks. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese civilians who have fled their villages -half of them children according to the UNICEF- are in urgent need of clean water, basic food supplies, and medicine. You can be certain that your help is much needed and will be greatly appreciated.

3- What if I would like to donate to another relief organization?
We welcome any suggestions concerning donations. Please visit the Contact Us section to share with us.

4- This crisis has brought pain and suffering to all sides, why are you only supporting Lebanon?
Please read the disclaimer.

5- Do I have to pay sales tax?
Only Oklahoma residents will have to pay sales tax.

6- What type of payment do you accept? Is it secure?
Our online payment is secured by PayPal, and you can use your credit/debit card or your PayPal account. For other ways of payment, please Contact Us.

7- How will you ship my map?
Your map will be shipped in a special USPS package through Priority Mail within the US (2-3 days), or regular mail to international destinations.

8- What shall I do with my new map?
A great way to show off your new map and preserve it would be to frame it and hang it on your wall. We do not recommend you use the map to get around in Lebanon.

9- My question is not answered here.
Then please visit the Contact Us section.