All proceeds going to the Red Cross

Dear All,

As we are wrapping up the project (effective November 27th 2006) we would like to thank you for participating in this project to raise money for the Red Cross Lebanon Relief Fund. We are happy to say that the total amount raised was a modest but helpful 850$.

Thank you to every person involved in the project from the web design to map dying, from spreading the word to purchasing a map.

For any further questions or comments please contact us at mapsforlebanon[at]yahoo[dot]com.

The Map for Lebanon Project Team.

Lebanon was under blockade for several weeks. Food, water, blankets and medical supplies are still scarce. Help provide humanitarian assistance to those in need.

You can contribute to relief efforts by ordering this unique old-style map of Lebanon. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross - Lebanon Relief fund.
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Click on images for a closer look at this unique work.

The map is copied on 18-by-24-inch (or 46-by-61 centimeters) paper and is then dyed in tea to give it an antiquated look. All place names are in Arabic calligraphic script and the stylized border represents some aspects of Lebanese architecture and culture.

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