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The artist

The first time I drew an old world map it was drawn to break my boredom. It was small, rough, and just not very good. I’ve drawn twenty-three maps since then and somewhere along the way I picked up some talent. When I started, I saw fantasy maps as a major output of creativity. I could decide where the shores separated land from ocean, where the mountains sat, where the rivers flowed, and where the people lived. It was fun. When I started drawing maps of places that really existed everything changed. There is a certain connection in looking at an ancient map, like that of 12th century Ireland that relates our present to our past. There is a much greater appeal to the old world because it’s real and apart of us. I continue to draw maps and devising new techniques hoping to outdo myself with each new creation. It’s a never ending process.

Why I’m involved with this project

Being friends with Pierre and getting to know his family, I could not help but come to love and adore the charm of Lebanese culture. Dinner in a Lebanese household, for me, is a time of much rejoicing. Also, in drawing the map of Lebanon I came to truly appreciate the architecture and art of Lebanon for its uniqueness and its beauty.

Having come to appreciate and enjoy Lebanon so much, it pained me when recent events began to unfold. The culture and beauty that I love so much now faces annihilation and destruction. Having never visited Lebanon, and not being Arabic myself, it is hard to project my sincerity, but I truly wanted to help in some way. This is when Pierre came to me and offered up this project as a means to raise money for the relief efforts in Lebanon. There was no convincing; I was on board before he’d even finished his proposal.


Why I’m involved with this project

Over three years ago I met Pierre, my first Lebanese encounter. Pierre talked about Lebanon like teenage girls talk about themselveswith the greatest of interest and urgency. He showed me pictures of Beirut, the mountains and the coastline. He introduced our friends to the arguile and his enigmatic beautifully Lebanese family. Everyone that becomes acquainted with Pierre considers him a wanted life long friendand I am no exception.

I cannot imagine watching my home turn to destruction, nor to watch it from afar. Now I watch someone I love watch and despair from afarfor him and for the people standing in, or watching from afar the destruction, I am involved in The Map for Lebanon Project.


Why I’m involved with this project

There are no words to describe the sadness and powerlessness that one feels watching from afar; like a spectator to an unfolding Greek tragedy.

Reality has begun to slowly drip down like a Chinese water torture.

It’s amazing that the same people that believe in the myth of David and Goliath and rooted for the first can’t fathom the pain and desperation that runs through the body, mind, heart and soul of modern day Davids. The chest pains I feel because I know my world is changing forever; all I have ever known is altered for good; my home will never be the same. It tortures my soul.

Beyond all the neighborhoods turned to rubble, beyond the sickening pictures of lost lives, beyond all the destructive force that can ever obliterate the palpable, is the gut-wrenching feeling I have when I imagine the multitude of shattered spirits left behind on the broken streets filled with broken hope.

Just beyond my overextended fingertips lies a superlative reality, which I can no longer reach. Lebanon seems more and more like a mirage than a place to which I can return. Our hopes and dreams are crushed yet again. Yet, hope is all that keeps us in the realm of sanity.

I hope...


Why I’m involved with this project

Nothing tears your heart apart more than seeing your country being destroyed, your family fleeing death and destruction, and your dreams of a better tomorrow crumbling in front of your eyes. Add to that the sight -the plight- of thousands of refugees who had to spend all the money they've been saving from years of farming to make the trip from the front lines to a safe place. No human being deserves to be chased from his house, his town, where he grew up, and be forced to live in a classroom or on the park lawn in the city begging for food and clean water.

Being powerless, thousands of miles away, pushes your frustration and desperation to the point of losing all hope. Then your "camarade d'armes" comes up with a project and asks for your contribution. Yes! I will do everything in my power. Preparing the website is a piece of cake.

But I am not disillusioned. I know that my contribution will only ease the pain of a few victims, at most. The only reason why I am doing this, is to recover some hope.


Why I’m involved with this project

Any humanitarian crisis is easy to identify with, as we are indeed all humans. But when such suffering hits close to home, there is a special feeling of powerlessness and a desire to do something, anything to help. My involvement with this project is a small step in illuminating myself and others to the hardship that the Lebanese people are currently going through, and I am glad that I have the opportunity to help alleviate their suffering in some way.

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