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Land of the Cedars

Drawing Old world maps is something of a hobby of mine. Often times, people ask me to draw them a map, but when the average time spent on each project is forty hours, I scarcely find the time to draw anything just give it away. Lebanon, however, was my first exception. You see, Pierre has been a good friend of mine for some time and when he was getting ready to graduate university with his masters, I thought it would be a nice graduation gift; mostly because I was cheap back in those days. However, the map soon became something bigger and greater than I had originally expected. Wanting it to be a surprise, I went behind Pierreā€™s back to his family and asked for any books on Lebanese architecture, or any pictures that might help inspire the drawing. They also helped in translating all the names for English to Arabic. Many hours were spent going over each city, river, and mountain; as well as making sure I was writing them correctly.

The border of this map is a blend of Lebanese Architecture. The clock tower on the right hand side is a familiar sight to anyone who has been to downtown Beirut while the left side is complimented with an Ottoman fountain. The rest of the border was drawn with inspiration from several different forms of Arabic buildings; and of course, what kind of map would it be without the Lebanese flag?

Total time spend on this map is 61 hours and 5 minutes. Pierre was of course completely shocked me having spent so much time on something without him noticing, and especially that despite everyone having known about it, they all had kept quiet.


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